Coaching for Writers

Coaching for Writers

Creative writing is the most rewarding, satisfying, and joyful activity I know. It is also the hardest! Getting into our deepest spirit, or soul, is also coming into our place of authentic creativity. Hildegard of Bingen, one of my muses, taught that there is a divine spark within each human being, a spark that it is important to nurture and cultivate through creative expression. The hard part is not only allowing ourselves to go there but staying there when we come up against obstacles – the things we don’t like or want to see within ourselves.

In my creative writing classes and individual coaching, I use my grounding in spirituality, meditation, and psychotherapy to help you go deeper into your creative soul and bring greater depth to your writing. We also work on the fundamentals like sentence structure, word usage, character development, plot structure, and editing.

I love working with writers and can help you get your manuscript finished and in the best possible shape to submit! contact me:

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 “Nancy helped me edit my fictionalized memoir. I’d had a bad experience with a Writer’s Workshop critique and didn’t know where to start with revising the work. She was kind and encouraging and over three months we went through the 250-page document. Her suggestions and coaching with structure, transitions and characterization were highly valuable. I had fun with the process. It was such welcome assistance at a critical time.”             – Andrea O’Connor, Hot Yoga Burlington Teacher, Mindfulness Guild

“…Nancy’s unique focus on spirituality and mindfulness as a component of the writing process produced profound insights for me that continue to be felt in the way I approach writing and my work itself. It was truly a life-changing experience – thank you, Nancy.”                                              – Chris Muniz, Creative Writing faculty, University of Southern California