About Nancy

Nancy web photo (1)I live and write in Burlington, Vermont and have a psychotherapy practice in Hanover, New Hampshire. Formerly a parish pastor (Presbyterian and Congregational,) I have been writing fiction and essays and practicing as a pastoral counselor(psychotherapist) for over twenty-five years.  In my therapy practice I incorporate the spiritual and creative dimensions and emphasize mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

In my fiction writing, I like to integrate the psychological and spiritual, not through exposition or talking about the issues, but through exploring how these dimensions play out in the ways my characters live their lives. Essay writing is a form of reflecting on whatever is happening in my life or the world.

I love getting feedback on my writing and enjoy this way of connecting with people.  For instance, after Sea Level came out, people involved with churches, clergy or lay, would exclaim, “I know these people.  They were in my church!”  One person told me that the story of Mary’s family, with its secret about the Indian (non-white) grandmother in a bigoted community mirrored precisely a story from her family in that same part of the country.  (And I thought I made it up!)   A result of my memoir about being part of the “revolution” at Columbia University in the late sixties (The Times They Were A-Changing) was to reconnect with some old friends from that era.  And my recent Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming novel, Wild Mountain, brought back more old friends from even farther back.