Nourshing the soul in a time of social isolation


How to cope? or even, how to thrive in this atmosphere of uncertainty and fear? Here’s are some ideas (aside from hand washing, etc):

  1. Meditation: I have found a lovely guided meditation from Sonic Meditation: Heart Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls. If anything right now, I need an open heart, and the bowl sounds help me come back into the present moment and let go of the fear.
  2. Exercise: can’t go to my usual class at the Y, and I’ve found some good classes for seniors on You Tube.  Keep moving!
  3. Outside walking: Our dog has to do it, so we are too. Going to our usual paths in the conservation land and along the river or the lake.  Fresh air, walking, yay!
  4. Social Interaction:  Wow, can’t see people in person, but it’s amazing how connected we can be on videoconferencing. Using Zoom and Skype to be with kids and grandkids and my groups: writing group, ukulele ladies. I’ve had some wonderful, soul-nourishing sessions with writing groups on Zoom. Am moving into organizing friend group chats on Zoom.  Let’s have an online dinner party!
  5. Writing: writing about the situation and my already-started writing projects. Keep at it, every day, I tell myself. As Flannery O’Connor said, I write to discover what I know. When I get into the writing, I am there and happy. 
  6. Making it regular: putting all of these things into a regular schedule.
  7. Focus on the garden! Bulbs are just popping up here in Vermont, but spring is coming. I look at the pictures of my garden in April, May and June, and remember that whatever is happening in our world, the flowers will come!

2 thoughts on “Nourshing the soul in a time of social isolation

    • Thank you so much, Doreen! I loved it. All those blooming daffodils, tulips hyacinth, grape hyacinth, azalea, even poppies. Such abundance, a real treat. (still waiting for the crocus here). Love to you, Nancy


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