addendum to “The Revolution”

Regarding my memoir piece about the “revolution” at Columbia University in 1968 (see Sept 2 blog): It’s been great to hear from old friends who also lived through those tumultuous years.  And thanks to “Bush” (pretty neat that we are still in touch!) for correcting and adding to my memory of that night at Columbia. … Continue reading addendum to “The Revolution”

Kickstarter campaign for my new novel, Wild Mountain

Thanks to everyone who “kicked in” to help me get my new novel, Wild Mountain, to publication.  The Kickstarter campaign was a success.  To see the Kickstarter campaign as well as my fledgling video career, go to this link: Wild Mountain: a novel by Nancy Kilgore via @kickstarter

Just launched!

See my piece in this book that was just published.  The Revolution and Egg Salad Sandwiches, from The Times They Were A’Changing: Women Remember the 60s and 70s Columbia University in the City of New York, spring, Nineteen Sixty-Eight In my Frye boots and Mexican dress, I strolled across the campus with two of my … Continue reading Just launched!